Station Stop

Copyright ©2007 by Paul Niquette. All rights reserved.

Here you see a commuter train loading passengers at a Station Stop

Meanwhile, the sketch below depicts a train operating at some Cruise Speed vC approaching a station already occupied by another train.  The red signal commands the train to stop before reaching the platform.  The lower sketch shows the moment that the platform is just being cleared by the previous train.  A green signal has been given to the approaching train, which then...

    1. Proceeds at Cruise Speed to some point in approach to the platform.
    2. Slows to Platform Speed for operating within the station.
    3. Decelerates to a stop at the far end of the platform.
    4. Opens the train doors.
    5. Remains in the platform for a Dwell Time to load passengers.
    6. Closes the train doors.
    7. Accelerates out of the platform toward the next station.
Highest performance of a railroad calls for maximizing passenger loads and minimizing headway, which is the time between departures of successive trains following a Station Stop. For minimizing headway, place the following six factors in their order of importance:
  • Acceleration 
  • Deceleration 
  • Cruise Speed 
  • Platform Speed 
  • Dwell Time
  • Train Length