Riddle from Hell
Couplets by Ana Pest
Based on a conundrum making the rounds 
in Massachusetts, submitted by Victoria Elson

Copyright ©1997 by Paul Niquette.  All rights reserved.

What is it a dead person eats? And yet why...
When eaten while living, it makes each one die?

What is it in darkness we see as a tint? 
What is it in riddles we trust as a hint?

What is it that neatness will leave out of place? 
What is it that fills every void beyond space?

What is it that's better than heaven, pray tell? 
What is it that's thought to be far worse than hell? 


Bonus Puzzle
birth before pregnancy
accouchement avant grossesse
adult before youth
adulte avant jeunesse
death before life
mort avant vie
Who am I?
Qui suis-je ?