Nail-Biter Ballots

Copyright 2008 by Paul Niquette. All rights reserved.

he national election on November 4, 2008 was notable for may reasons.  At the local level in California, one taxing measure that appeared on the ballot was for a rapid transit project. Advocates became concerned when initial returns showed only 66.42% in favor of the tax increase, which was less than the 2/3rds required for passage.  On November 18th, 612,000 votes had been counted, and barely 66.67% were in favor of the tax increase.  However, there were still 9,800 votes left to count. "A real nail-biter," someone said.

According to a newspaper report on November 25th, the measure was declared to have passed, with 66.78% of the counted votes being "yes." 

What is the largest possible number of uncounted ballots?