Droodle Generation

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Dozen Droodles discovered in 2015


New Droodles

Musical Score for 
Rap Album
Adenoid's View 
of Mustache
Hockey Intermission
from Goodyear Blimp
Smoke Alarm with
Dead Battery
Optimistic View of
Half-Empty Glass
Fuller Brush Man
Avon Lady
Public Speaker
Second Half of
One-Two Punch

Dozen Droodles Discovered in 2015

Dozen Droodles

Based on researching the worldwide web, we are proposing the following meanings:
  1. Giant clicking the left mouse button.
  2. Where the pope puts his zucchetto while he's in the shower.
  3. Kangaroo getting ready for the next jump.
  4. Where a cowboy will put the saddle when the sun comes up.
  5. Native American hiding behind a boulder.
  6. Last match in the box.
  7. Eagle soon to have fish for breakfast.
  8. Beginning of a football game.
  9. Left-handed batter bringing a no-hitter to a sudden end.
  10. Giant thumb on the scales
  11. Happy as a clam at high-tide.
  12. Giant playing middle C plus B and D with his or her little finger.
Solvers are invited to propose their own meanings along with their own droodles here.

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