Collective Nouns

Copyright ©1997 by Paul Niquette. All rights reserved.

Perhaps you will agree that the collection of nouns in the puzzle...

a barren of mules, 
a bale of turtles, 
a bank of swans, 
a bevy of quail, 
a business of ferrets, 
a cete of badgers, 
a charm of hummingbirds, 
a chattering of starlings, 
a clamor of rooks, 
a coil of teal, 
a company of widgeons, 
a convocation of eagles, 
a covert of coots, 
a cowardice of curs,
a crash of rhinoceri, 
a down of hares, 
an exaltation of larks, 
a fall of woodcocks, 
a gaggle of geese, 
a gam of whales, 
a hover of trout, 
a hurtle of sheep, 
a husk of jackrabbits, 
a knot of toads, 
a labor of moles, 
a leap of leopards, 
a mob of kangaroos, 
a murder of crows, 
a murmuration of doves, 
a mustering of storks, 
a mutation of thrushes, 
a nest of cottontails, 
a nye of pheasants, 
a pace of asses, 
a paddling of ducks, 
a parliament of owls, 
a pitying of turtles, 
a plump of ducks, 
a pod of seals, 
a pride of lions, 
a quantity of smelt, 
a rafter of turkeys, 
a rag of camels, 
a school of fish, 
a sedge of herons, 
a shoal of bass, 
a shrewdness of apes, 
a siege of bitterns, 
a skein of geese, 
a sloth of bears, 
a smack of jellyfish, 
a sord of mallards, 
a style of pigs, 
a tittering of magpies, 
a tribe of goats, 
an unkindness of ravens, and 
a wing of plovers

...might be referred to as a noun of collectives.

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