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[1] The Sanders vote and voice in the Senate is considered too valuable to be taken away by any posting in the Biden Administration.  Same for Warren, who might be ideal for Treasury, say, but instead should be given a ‘ranking’ rôle in key Senate committees.

[2] First priority for Kerry is to repair damage to NATO, JCPOA, and other treaties.

[3] Honorable restoration of DOJ by Harris is essential in the Biden Administration.

[4] Klain immediately brings leadership experience for Covid-17 actions.

[5] Returning Johnson to DHS will result in essential immigration reform.

[6] Recommendations include Bloomberg as a Senior Advisor to Joe Biden -- but for the 2020 campaign (Campaign Strategist), not necessarily occupying a White House position.  That assures talented participation in 2020 Congressional races and avoids any perception of a 'reward' for financial support.

[7] The selection of Steele as Chief of Staff is intended as part of the 'restore normalcy' theme (particularly in trade policy and deficit spending).  But it may be going too far in forming a 'team of rivals'.  Same for Schmidt, of course.  For a Democrat, Swallwell would be an excellent choice.

[8] Restoring McCabe to Director of the FBI applies an irresistible -- and appropriate -- 'poetic justice' theme.

[9] Selection of Porter
gives recognition -- and responsibility -- to a most promising young Democrat, who has already distinguished herself in the House of Representatives with scholarship and tough oversight questioning.

[10] If a new Department of Climate gets established by the Biden Administration, Steyer
will be an ideal candidate to manage its formation.

[11] If a new Department of Pandemic Prevention and Response gets established, our recommendation of Crozier
would seem to be quite appropriate.

[12] For Ambassador to the United Nations, Michelle Obama is strongly recommended.

[13] Version 2.0 Gives recognition to Biden's selection 12/08/2020 of Kamala Harris as Vice President.

[14] Version 2.0 Recommendations have listed Amy Klobuchar as Attorney General.


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