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Legislative Realities
2017 and Beyond

Version 1.0 November 22, 2016

This blog makes recommendations to the Democratic Party of stratagems for 2017 and beyond based on legislative realities -- specifically those resulting from the presidential election of 2016

Fig1We begin with an elementary
Venn Diagram.  Figure 1 depicts the political situation prior to the election, with the Democrats in the minority of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  The interior of each area represents the various topics or issues for which respective political parties favor legislative approval -- not the numbers of people holding those positions nor the degree of legislative supportAccordingly the exterior of a given area represents topics or issues which respective political parties opposeOne observes that before the election, the two parties were highly polarized, evidencing agreement about few issues and topics.  Moreover, it is widely observed that since 2010 the Republicans in the majority have deliberately rejected or blocked legislation favored by Democrats for nearly all topics and issues -- to the point of deserving to be labeled as 'obstructionist' for preventing vital legislative actions by the U.S. government.

Fig2Figure 2 depicts the political situation during the presidential campaignWhereas Trump ran as a Republican in 2016, his campaign rhetoric was not completely congruent with the views of the Republican Party.  Indeed, anti-Trump sentiments prevailed within the Republican Party throughout the election.  Thus o
ne observes in the Venn Diagram the appearance of an area in which the Republican party disagreed with Trump. Of course, the Democratic Party disagreed with much of the Trump rhetoric, but we will see that it is important to consider the areas in the Trump campaign rhetoric with which the Democratic Party actually agreed.

Figure 3 assigns names to each of the areas in the Venn Diagram and describes in the abstract how topics and issues were regarded by the two political parties and by Donald J. Trump.


Figure 4 provides specific issues to exemplify each of the areas in the Venn Diagram.  Nota bene, this is a snapshot, inasmuch as the Trump rhetoric was characterized by many changes during the campaign.


One must expect many more changes to take place before the inauguration -- and beyond.  Figure 5 recommenddistinct stratagems as appropriate for each of the areas in the Venn Diagram.


Emphasis is given in Figure 5 to the Populist Proposals, which deserve to be given priority, since they address the urgent needs of American citizens and just happen to have the support of the new POTUS.


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