by Paul Niquette
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puke v. To vomit.

Forbidden by my mother, of course (see pancake).  Far as I know, "barf" had not yet been coined, else it would have made the list.  The expression "throw up" was mandated in place of "vomit," although surely not because of its euphemistic properties.

There have been times when I would have enjoyed using the term.  Not always as a verb, though.  It would be a neat epithet for people who exceed my forbearance by asking the ultimate uncreative question, "What's the point?"

Instead, out of respect for my late mother, I have from time to time come up with polite rejoinders.  Let one sonnet serve as a case in point:

   Now, neither chide nor point with pride
   If shape defames a point in space.
   Artistic brush with point provide
   Unhurried pointilistic pace.

   Make foot of meter's pointed rhyme
   Appoint such colors poets hew.
   And do appoint a point in time
   From which to frame a point of view.

   With point blank logic prose compact
   No point of honor virtue earn.
   Let pointless lyrics, point of fact,
   Reach music's point of no return,

   So, point of order, Point Patrol!
   My point? All counterpoint extoll!

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