Missing Letters
by Paul Niquette
Copyright ©1997Sophisticated: The Magazine. All rights reserved.

Here are the missing entries.
B, C, D, E, H, I, K, O, X
symmetrical about a horizontal axis {HyperNote}

A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W, X, Y
symmetrical about a vertical axis

H, I , N, O, S,X, Z
symmetrical about a point

A, B, D, O, P, Q, R
enclose an area

B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V, Z
rhyme with 'key' when pronounced

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The Color-Selective Lens

A half century ago, a certain juvenile played a practical joke upon his classmates. He printed up a two-color placard and held a glass towel rod in front of it as shown in the sketch.

Magical Towel Rod

Thus was demonstrated a seemingly magical device with the power to invert only red images -- and the precursor to a sophisticated puzzle.

 Bonus Puzzle:

What do these seven words have in common?

1.     Uneven

2.     Revive

3.     Potato

4.     Grammar

5.     Dresser

6.     Banana

7.     Assess


If you noticed that each word has double letters, you were right.  But you might have noticed something else: If the first letter of each word is moved to the end…

1.     nevenU

2.     eviveR

3.     otatoP

4.     rammarG

5.     resserD

6.     ananaB

7.     ssessA

…reversing the order of letters produces the same word.