"What are those?"

Confession of a Technocrat
by Paul Niquette

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Metaphore. What are
"Odas Elementales (Elementary Odes) isn't the only book I have written," said the renown Chilean poet-diplomat Pablo Neruda, as portrayed by French actor Phillippe Noiret in the 1996 film Il Postino: The Postman

Eager to obtain romantic advice from "The Poet of Love,"  Massimo Troisi, in the title rle of Mario Ruoppolo, had initiated timid proposals -- "stiff as a post," "nailed like a spear," "stiller than a porcelain cat" --
which brought on Neruda's impatience. "No," he says to Mario. "Immobilized like the castle on a chess board." 

Pablo Neruda then complains, "It's unfair of you to shower me with similes and metaphors."

The postman is puzzled. "Don Pablo?"


"What are those?"

The postman's query was curiously significant for a certain member of the audience in 1996.  Think of a technologist, an aspiring author, guy who most admired Robert M. Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)a prolific essayists.  That year he wrote, "Technology in industry, in government, in academia -- technology nam et ipsa means documentation" (Be Free English).  As for poetry, forget that.  The technologist describe his own verifications as Doggerel on a Leash.  His writing lacked what it needed most: romance. 

Metaphors.  That's the ticket.  Metaphors.

to be published in April 2015

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Confession of a Technocrat...

technocracy (n.) Look up technocracy at Dictionary.com
1919, coined by W.H. Smyth as a name for a new system of government by technical experts, from techno- + -cracy.
William Henry Smyth, a distinguished engineer of Berkeley, California, wrote at the close of the war a series of thoughtful papers for the New York magazine "Industrial Management", on the subject of "Technocracy". His thesis was the need of a Supreme National Council of Scientists to advise us how best to live, and how most efficiently to realize our individual aspirations and our national purpose. ["The Bookman," March 1922]
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subatomic particles in the 'Standard Model of Particle Physics'
charm, color, flavor, spin
up-charm-top, down-strange-bottom
gluon, photon, boson
lepton, quarks
electron, tau, muon, neutrino
proton, neutron, fermions