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Jumbled Thoughts by Cara, Explore Metaphors
May 5, 2018 marked the inclusion of the 6,440th entry.  The 44-page, 35,513-word collection started out with 1001 metaphors inspired by an unserious essay entitled Mixed Metaphors and surely now must be considered a world-class resource comprising twenty pairs of topical categories...

alliterative or catchy

ancient or obsolete

animals and pets

business and finance

economics and trends

flexible and reversible

games and sports

history and geography

humor and satire

irony or hyperbole

music and poetry

original here or forgotten where

philosophical or pretentious

politics and opinions

sarcasm and slang

transportation and travel

traditional and biblical

vogue and stylish

worn-out and boring

vulgar or petty

...and with Version 3.8, the collection continues to consolidate fragments and phrases for your convenience.  We have taken note that, whereas not all metaphors are inventions, all inventions can be made into metaphors.  Accordingly all 320 of the greatest inventions of all time have been incorporated into the collection.

Our objective is to provide a resource for enriching the writings of
students and teachers, authors and essayists worldwide.  Accordingly, entries are not restricted to conventional metaphors, inasmuch as just about any expression can be formed into a metaphor or simile for embedding in text as an illustration or -- hey, as entertainment. 

Ten Suggestions for Selecting and Editing Entries:

  1. Use the search feature on your web browser to find key words throughout the collection.
  2. Entries are in clusters with / indicating alternative endings and | separating clusters.
  3. The order of the collection is alphabetical by first word in each cluster.
  4. Articles (a, an, the) are eliminated as first word in many entries.
  5. You will usually want to replace the word 'one' with a personal pronoun or a name.
  6. Verb forms, particularly gerunds, will need to be changed to fit some applications.
  7. Many of the entries can be negated.  Indeed more than 265 entries include "or not" as a tag.
  8. You may recognize famous quotations.  To find the source, simply do a web-search on a key word or phrase.
  9. The preponderance of entries have been edited to be ironic or humorous or occasionally absurd.
  10. Don't be surprised if you occasionally stumble upon a thought-starter -- maybe even a cure for 'writer's block'.

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