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Jumbled Thoughts by Cara, Explore Metaphors
October 23, 2018 marked the inclusion of the 7,010th entry.  The 49-page, 39,467-word collection started out with 1001 metaphors inspired by an unserious essay entitled Mixed Metaphors and surely now must be considered a world-class resource comprising twenty pairs of topical categories...

alliterative or catchy

ancient or obsolete

animals and pets

business and finance

economics and trends

flexible and reversible

games and sports

history and geography

humor and satire

irony or hyperbole

music and poetry

original here or forgotten where

philosophical or pretentious

politics and opinions

sarcasm and slang

transportation and travel

traditional and biblical

vogue and stylish

worn-out and boring

vulgar or petty

...and with Version 3.9, the collection continues to consolidate fragments and phrases for your convenience.  We have taken note that, whereas not all metaphors are inventions, all inventions can be made into metaphors.  Accordingly all 320 of the greatest inventions of all time have been incorporated into the collection.  Moreover, we continue to produce original -- often mercilessly modified -- versions of various proverbs and sayings and fragments that show up in news broadcasts.

Our objective is to provide a resource for enriching the writings of
students and teachers, authors and essayists worldwide.  Accordingly, entries are not restricted to conventional metaphors.  Heck, just about any expression can be appropriated and creatively revised to become a metaphor or simile for embedding in text as an illustration or -- well, as entertainment. 

Ten Suggestions for Selecting and Editing Entries:

  1. Use the search feature on your web browser [Control-F] to find key words throughout the collection.
  2. Entries are in clusters with "/" indicating alternative endings and  "|" separating clusters.
  3. The order of the collection is alphabetical by first word in each cluster.
  4. Articles (a, an, the) are eliminated as first word in many entries.
  5. You will usually want to replace the word "one" with a personal pronoun or a name.
  6. Verb forms, particularly gerunds, will need to be changed to fit some applications.
  7. Many of the entries can be negated.  Indeed more than 312 entries include "or not" as a tag.
  8. You may recognize famous quotations.  To find the source, simply do a web-search on a key word or phrase.
  9. The preponderance of entries have been edited to be ironic or humorous or occasionally absurd.
  10. Don't be surprised if you occasionally stumble upon a thought-starter -- maybe even a cure for 'writer's block'.

More than 50 selections by 'key word'...

 Words  no.   Niquette's Favorites
bad 26 problems so bad even atheists pray for solutions
ball 33 hitting a barn door with a beach ball 
blue 16 wearing torn blue jeans to a fashion show in Paris 
boat 9 aboard a rickety lifeboat from a sinking tramp freighter 
camel 4 swimwear fashions now feature the cod piece and the camel toe 
car 6 sports car in a blue parking place 
cat 15 nervous as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs 
chicken 16 a chicken is one eggís way to produce another egg 
cool 8 cool as a freshly picked nostril 
dance 11 when one dances with the devil, the choreography can get awkward 
dog 39 lie down with dogs wake up with fleas 
duck 12 shaking the water off a lame duck 
earth 10 weightlessness for a year in earth orbit 
egg 15 if we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs if we had some eggs 
enough 11 good enough is better than best 
eyes 18 seeing is the reason that the octopus has eyes Ė not vice versa 
fly 28 flying is the reason that the bird has wings Ė not vice versa 
frog 8 if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his rump with each jump 
good 38 perfection is the enemy of the good 
hammer 6 if all one has is a hammer every problem looks like a nail 
horse 23 one can lead a horse to water easily when he or she is thirsty 
job 8 taking a bull dozer to a job for a shovel 
lamb 5 lamb and lion may lie down together, but only one of them sleeps 
lion 5 attacking the witnessís lie like lions on a gazelle 
luck 3 luck is getting out of jail free then landing on Boardwalk 
memory 9 having a memory good enough to be a successful liar, or not 
monkey 7 performing with an organ grinder and a dancing monkey 
moon 7 shoot-the-moon stratagem 
mouse 5 perhaps the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese 
mule 5 education in the second kick of a mule, or not 
nose 24 scalping tickets for the nose-bleed seats at the World Series 
orange 4 white-faced clowns with orange wigs solemnly slapping sticks 
plane 4 strapping on a parachute and opening the plane door 
rain 21 win a few, lose a few, and the rest get rained out
rat 28 applauding sagacious rats for disembarking the unseaworthy vessel 
red 11 red meat nourishment during political rally 
run 61 portrait of a comedian who does not expect to run for public office 
school 21 learning to tie oneís own shoelaces in high school 
shake 13 musical chairs for departmental reorganization and for management shake-ups 
shoe 30 if the shoe fits, turn the other cheek 
sky 8 asking why the grass is green, the sky is blue, oneís nose is scarlet 
snake 9 lower than a snake's belly in a wagon-wheel rut 
snow 10 rare as henís teeth / scarce as snow in the Sahara 
speak 17 speaking with the facial paroxysms of blowing up a childís balloon
speech 10 colorful speech featuring a basketful of juicy words in tasteful metaphors 
star 3 rock star with a buzz cut 
sun 3 hurting where the sun donít shine
talk 22 televisionís gifts include a flying nun and a talking horse
walk 21 walk, stolen base, and sacrifice fly are almost as good as a three-bagger 
wave 13 learning how to wave goodbye in kindergarten 
world 17 less likely than a Little Leaguer pitching in the World Series
worm 9 sunscreen on an earthworm 
yellow 4 jaundiced eyes see everything in the world as yellow 

                  be with you

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