by Paul Niquette
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urinate intr. v. To excrete urine.

Although I am disinclined to do so, one might describe a person who is...
  • drunk as being completely urinated,
  • frustrated as vainly attempting to urinate up a rope,
  • angry as having recently experienced an uncontrollable need to urinate,
  • impoverished as having neither a pot to urinate in nor a window to throw it out of.
The management lexicon includes the "urination tournament" for jurisdictional disputes.  While the energetic subordinate is said to be "full of urine and vinegar," a complainer is apt to "urinate and moan" about working conditions.

While we're on the subject, women who complain about inadequate public facilities may take comfort in the knowledge that men have cause for disgruntlement as well.

Consider the "Lateral Latrine," still to be found at old fairgrounds and stadiums.  Imagine a long trough with flowing water.  Mostly water.  Etiquette requires that you stare straight at the wall, averting thereby any notice of disparities in upstream confluences.

It has become fashionable for designers of "theme restaurants" to apply their preeminent creativity to urinals.  In Irvine, for example, The Barn, for reasons that are not clear, offers males a bathtub.  Sorry, but I have problems with that.

Anyway, one might characterize my feeble protest as trying to urinate into the wind.

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