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there there
by Paul Niquette
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there there ph
Phrase excerpted from a 1937 Gertrude Stein quotation, There is no there there. 
Originally a lamentation about a demolished childhood homestead, the Stein quotation is being uttered these days so frequently that the sentence has lost its self-referent cleverness -- the latest victim of laziness on the part of politicians and commentators.

Just think how one might enrich the next disparagement by selecting one of these nouns...
affirmation, applicability, approval, assertion, assurance, basis, bottom-line, concern, confirmation, connotation, content, declaration, definition, denotation, distinction, drift, effect, essence, explanation, gist, idea, implication, importance, interpretation, justification, kicker, materiality, meaning, message, mitigation, nitty-gritty, notability, nuance, nub, point, pretext, promise, punch line, purpose, raison d’ętre, rationale, rebuttal, redemption, relevance, reply, response, sense, seriousness, significance, story, substance, support, sure thing, understanding, upshot, usefulness, validity, value, vindication, warranty
...to fill in the blank in There is no ___________ there.

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