by Paul Niquette
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talisman n. 

  1. An object marked with magical signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection. 
  2. Anything having apparently magical power. 
Analytic reasoning, experimental evidence -- these are the preeminent forces that rule my thought-life (see dyskeptia). Magical powers need not apply.

Here's a guy...

  • who heedlessly spills salt and breaks mirrors,
  • who cheerfully strolls under ladders and steps on cracks, and
  • who, with no dread whatsoever, squints at the evil eye.
All of that started in the late 30's.  I found a four-leaf clover once and showed it to Billy Sharp, whose eyes bulged in wonderment.  Then I ate it.
Within a week, the shocking news had reached all corners of the neighborhood.  My mother was chagrined.  Almost as much as when I went around disabusing my schoolmates of Easter Lore and Yuletide Myths.
Kindergarten was a busy year for the Iconoclast of Compton.

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