by Paul Niquette
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synecdoche n. 

A figure of speech by which a less inclusive term is used for a more inclusive term or vice versa. 

A couch-potato of the Volvo-and-Brie set, who probably does not have any idea what the word "synecdoche" means, might nevertheless be inclined to finger up some digits and voice these words over the wires...
Unplug that bottle and punch out.  Button your threads and mount your wheels.  While you sample the gridlock, I'll kindle some twigs and defrost the pad.  I swapped coins to unshelf new jazz for the woofers.  Let's carbonize some cattle on the back bricks and spill a few grapes.  While I suds the saucers, you can scan your scores, then we can glimpse an acetate on the tube before pillowing down to catch some z's.
By replacing each synecdoche, we obtain the following translation:
Turn off the power on that computer and quit work for the day.  Put on your jacket and get into your automobile.  While you make your way home on the freeway system, I'll build a fire in the fireplace and warm up the house.  I bought a new compact disk to play on the stereo.  Let's barbecue some steaks on the patio and drink a little wine.  While I load the dishwasher, you can read the sports section of the newspaper, then we can watch a motion picture on the television set before going to bed for some sleep.
Now, doesn't that thaw your ventricles?

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