by Paul Niquette
Copyright 1996 by Paul Niquette. All rights reserved.
rump n. 1. The fleshy hindquarters of an animal.  2. The human buttocks (a pious euphemism for "ass").
The first dirty joke I ever heard -- overheard, actually, in fairness to my father, who told it to his friends at an hour when he might have reasonably expected me to be asleep -- featured a pun on the word "ass," intentionally confused with "donkey." The grown-ups laughed at a line about a farmer "sitting on his ass." 
That week, I smirked when I mentioned to my mother something about sitting on my ass.  She did not laugh.  My father shushed me. "Rump," he whispered. "Sitting on your rump."
Many years later, I wrote and delivered a 10-minute keynote address entitled Metaphors of Modern Management.  After a solemn set-up in the form of a parable, the piece turns into a collection of 35 double entendres, none of which would work if I followed my father's proscription.  See for yourself by clicking here.
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