by Paul Niquette
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retromingent n. An animal that urinates backwards.

Despite an allergy to them, I like cats.  You cannot be a bicyclist and not like cats.  I have never been chased by one.  Not only that, but cats are retromingent.

Wouldn't this be a neat word to use in a business meeting? That's what I thought, anyway.

  • Permit me to offer a retromingent appraisal of the project.
  • Some staff functionary is bound to come in here and give retromingent treatment to the whole subject.
  • Our consultant has raised several retromingent issues.
  • If you want to proceed retromingently, be my guest.
  • Don't expect anything but retromingent support from management on that.
  • A retromingent program is better than no program at all.
Since the late fifties, I have known the term retromingent and attended any number of meetings.  So far I simply have not been quick enough to slip it in, except once (see philothaumaturgy).

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