by Paul Niquette
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relationship n. 

  1. Condition or fact of being related. 
  2. Connection by blood or marriage; kinship.
Aren't you getting tired of this word?  I sure am.

The word "relationship" has been appropriated (mostly by women, I think) to mean, in a self-conscious way, just about the opposite of what my dictionary says it means: If you are "in a relationship" you are certainly not related either by blood or marriage.  Otherwise you would say so.  You are not married and you are not even engaged to be married either.

You are having an affair, is what it means.  Which is itself a euphemism for “getting it on.”  If marriage has anything to do with your relationship, it's your partner's marriage.  To someone else, sad to say.
Unless you seek counseling on some radio call-in show to which I happened to be tuned, I won't ever hear your particular story.  Doesn't matter, though.  My advice is straightforward: Get out of the relationship.

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