by Paul Niquette
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ramification n. 

  1. The act or process of branching out or dividing into branches. 
  2. A branch or other subordinate part extending from a main body. 
  3. An arrangement of branches or branching parts. 
  4. A development or consequence growing out of and often complicating a problem, plan, or statement. 
Using BFE (Be-Free English) takes effort.  BFE pays off, though, in more active sentences.  Not only that but you will discover new verbs buried in old nouns.  Actually, the nouns came on the scene later, making the verbs older, but you may not have noticed them before.  For example:
  • amplify before amplification,
  • beautify before beautification,
  • clarify before clarification,
  • defy before...never mind.
Thus does the sophisticated person ramify all subjects into technical factors, economic issues, and human considerations.  So too, do I pejorate unsophisticated thinking, and thus did I perorate naivete as I departed middle years.

If you want to use "ramification," "pejorative," and "peroration," fine.  Just don't be surprised to find an unsophisticated "be" in the same sentence...

  • "Penny-Farthing" is a pejorative expression for the "Ordinary," tantamount to calling a "Ford" a "Tin-Lizzy."
  • There are technical, economic, and human ramifications in any legislative act.
...or some other unsophisticated words like "includes" or "involves."
  • The list of my pet peeves includes prolix and peroration.
  • Any legislative act involves technical, economic, and human ramifications.

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