101 Words I Don't Use
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neologer n. One who indulges a penchant for coining new words and phrases every once in awhile.

Oh right, the real word -- the word in the dictionary -- is neologist.  I do use that word, of course, but not to describe myself.

Here are a few more opportunities for the neologer, selected from the -ist list...

activer, aerodynamicer, alchemer, analer, anarcher, anatomer, antagoner, anthropologer, apologer, archæologer, arter, ballooner, bicycler, bigamer, biologer, botaner, capitaler, cartooner, celler, centerer, chauviner, chemer, chronologer, communer, conformer, creationer, criminologer, cycler, dadaer, denter, diarer, dogmater, dramater, ecologer, economer, egoter, endocrinologer, entomologer, etymologer, evangeler, evolutioner, exorcer, expressioner, fascer, fataler, federaler, fetisher, florer, flouter, futurer, genealoger, geologer, graphologer, harper, hedoner, humaner, humorer, hygiener, hypnoter, idealer, imperialer, impressioner, individualer, industrialer, interner, journaler, lefter, linguer, lobbyer, loyaler, masocher, materialer, medaller, memorialer, metallurger, meteorologer, militarer, mineraloger, minimaler, monogamer, monopoler, moraler, motorcycler, motorer, naturaler, negativer, nihiler, noveler, nuitritioner, numismater, oboer, occulter, oculer, ophthmaloger, opportuner, optometrer, organer, pacifer, paranormaler, percussioner, perfectioner, philateler, philologer, phlebotomer, phrenologer, physicer, physiologer, pianer, plagiarer, pluraler, polygamer, positiver, pragmater, primatologer, protagoner, psychiatrer, psychologer, purer, radiologer, rationaler, realer, righter, ritualer, royaler, sader, satirer, scienter, secessioner, separater, sexer, sociologer, specialer, spiritualer, taxidermer, theorer, thermodynamicer, typer, ufologer, unioner, universaler, ventriloquer, violiner, and zoologer.
101 Words
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