by Paul Niquette
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concupiscence n. Sexual desire, lust.
And here's the happy bounding flea --
You cannot tell the he from she.
But she can tell and so can he. 
-- Roland Young
Females have a monopoly on one of nature's most remarkable inventions, the uterus.  Males suffer an imperative to gain access by intromission.  Thus and only thus will the latter's genes make their way into the succeeding generation.  A female has merely to indulge a male's entreaties in order to secure representation in posterity.

Based on first principles, then, males must have the concupiscence, giving females the power of selection.  Males prance and ogle and sniff wondrous odors, investing a curious ache down there.

"Lust" is the word for it.

"Build me a nest," says the female.  "Go bash horns with your rivals, or show me some real feathers, why don't you."

"How'm I doin'?" pants the male, scrounging and bashing and preening to beat hell.

Free of lust, females wield their power with amazing wisdom in most species (see survival value).

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