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basically adv. 1a: at a basic level : in fundamental disposition or nature "basically correct," "basically, they are simple people." 1b: for the most part "they basically play zone defense."2: in a basic manner, simply "live basically."
A word that seems to have become in recent decades merely a pretentious form of attention-holder, a habitual utterance intended to afford thinking time to the speaker without relinquishing conversational control to the listener(s).  As my brother Alan puts it...
I have found 'basically' to be irritating, over-used, misused, and as mindless as 'dum' in the phrase, “and dum.”
What makes 'basically’ pretentious, I think, is the way it tinctures the speaker's words with condescension, as if to say, “I can be more basic [more general, more worthy] than you." 

Finally, its protracted pronunciation as "bay-sick-all-lee" by some people makes the word all the more unlikeable.

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